An Actual Incursion

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on February 04, 2000 at 08:51:20 EST:

I hope we don't give the Government more credit than it deserves in respect to rapid response to an air threat. Some years ago a Cuban MIG-17, fully armed and in the landing pattern of Homestead AFB, just south of Miami, was only discovered when it radioed for landing instructions. Then it passed the crash and security trucks as it was landing (they were sent to the wrong end of the runway). They all had to screech to a halt, turn around and Keystone Cop-like chase the MIG down the runway. Then the MIG taxied right by Air Force One that was parked there, (Nixion was visiting Key Biscayne) and actually had it's guns pointed at it as it rolled into the transient area. Luckily the pilot was just defecting. I know we have made great strides in early warning, and that Groom Lake is probably the most important resticted airfield in the country (that we know of), but budgetary restrictions being what they are, I would be surpised if you couldn't fly unchallenged into the airspace. The legal problem you would be in would be at least felonious, but if you were a suicidal terrorist, that really wouldn't matter. With Clinton's penchant for squeezing the life out of the Military, having expensive fighters on alert for a threat that has never been exercised is probably unlikely.

P.S. Joerg, my "Complete History of The U.S. NAVY SEALs" will be on tonite at 8:00PM EST on the History Channel. I hope you can catch it.

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