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Message posted by Richard C on September 09, 2000 at 18:42:18 EST:

Stealth configuration merely means it has its Transponder turned Off.
When flying in friendly airspace or through air routes it will have its Transponder on, so that radar can have a blip of identification.

Because it is actually a stealth shape, the pilot would also have to be in constant contact with ATC.
Ive seen and heard this many times before when F-117s have overflown me and refuelled above me here in England.
They were in conctant contact with ATC to get him to the Tanker and Rendevous above my head...everything was done visually thereafter with the Tanker then taking over the ATC comms... When breaking away, its back to ATC for the F117 pilot.

Regarding Magoo's post, the pitot tubes also retract to go into Stealth Mode.
you wont get an F-117 in Stealth mode in a heavily used area for flying. The only time that F-117 out of edwards would of gone stealthy is over the R-2508 complex otherwise it would of been too dangerous and i think the pilot (like i said in apost below) would not of agreed to go stealth as he is risking too much of both him, his aircraft and other lives.
ATC would of been in constant contact with him.


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