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Some really nice pics there! Some feedback or additional information on the aircraft in the 'Photos from Green Flag' section...

- The helicopter in the first pic is a plain old UH-60 utility version of the Blackhawk.

- The 4th pic caption suggests it is a Tornado. It actually looks alot like an F-4 Phantom! The US forces no longer fly these, so perhaps the Turks, Greeks or Egyptians were at Green Flag this year? Another possibility is that it may even be a QF-4 drone, used either as a 'live fire' target aircraft, or perhaps as a simulated threat 'to be avoided!'

- The Tornado in the 6th pic is almost certainly Italian. The RAF and German Tornados have their markings on the forward fuselage below the cockpits - the Italians on the rear fuselage in front of the tail plane.

- The F-15s are 'E' 'Strike Eagle' or 'Beagle' models. At first thought, I thought the second F-15E might have ejected its centre-line aux tank, and the 'cameras' you can see is actually the bottom of the centre-line pylon. But, after a longer look, it appears to be carrying some kind of small metal-finish colored pod. It may indeed be a small recon or BDA pod... Richard, any ideas?


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