Message posted by Richard on September 01, 2000 at 05:16:45 EST:

Interesting indeed.
the USUAL crap that comes from UFO people.

Like magoo said, the editor of this has absolutely no idea.
A Stealth Helo that flies faster than an F-15 Eagle....
OK, the Comanche on steroids could be it?
SACM makes me laugh. Whats this, a new type of SAM that cruises (note i said cruises)to its target for several hundred miles before it impacts?
maybe an S-300 on pills to make it slow down?

Why would the USN suddenly appear over Pakistan when they are saying at first it was related to a flying saucer....oh dear, we are back on saucers now.
then its a stealth super fast flying helicopter.
then it was shot down by a cruise missile.
then it was visited by USN helicopters with super dooper range....Perhaps they had Fuel billets ready for them, placed by the crew of the crashed UFO.

I enjoy reading these stories.

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