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Message posted by Magoo on February 02, 2000 at 21:02:46 EST:

Further to this - it is unlikely there would be 'interceptors' based at Groom (although SWK may know otherwise), as the costs and logistics involved in doing so would be huge, and the threat to Groom from an air raid is so minute as to be negligible!

Nellis is by far the most likely source for any such defenses, as this is an active fighter base, although I doubt Nellis nor Edwards would have active fighter units sitting on an alert basis 24 hours a day that could launch at a moments notice. Therefore, to any flying times must be added at least half an hour (and probably more) to upload live rounds and launch a two or three ship sortie out to Groom.

What is more likely, is that Groom has its own small SAM and AAA defences that could be brought to bear very effectively against anything short of a full strike package. Anything larger than a Cessna flying in southern Nevada would be known to the controllers at Nellis, and if any of them made a wrong move, I doubt they would get anywhere near Groom, and even a Cessna is no match for a Stinger.

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