Re: A-12 transport in 1962

Message posted by Magoo on January 31, 2000 at 05:36:21 EST:

There's a great story related by Ben Rich in his book about how a Lockheed 'road crew' traced the route a few times before they moved Article 121 (the first A-12) from Palmdale to 'The Ranch'. Apparently they had a trailer rigged with bamboo poles sticking out of it that covered the same height and width the A-12's crate would be. Each time a pole hit a road sign, the crew would stop, saw the sign off, and then rebolt it back on. When the actual move took place, the crews unbolted each sign as the container passed, and then re attached it. Try doing this today with upsetting a bureacrat somewhere! Needless to say, subsequent airframes were transported at night in C-124 transports after this.

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