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Message posted by Magoo on August 19, 2000 at 23:13:46 EST:

I'm gonna do the 'Tikaboo' thing next year, rain, hail or shine! It's something I've been promising myself for nearly a year now, and everytime I hear one of you insensitive b**stards talk about it, it just makes me want to go that much more! I also want to see TTR and maybe even make an assault on Reveille and perhaps Mt Stirling too, and take the DoE test site tour.

(I suppose I better go and get that Gym membership tomorrow and start working on the calf, knee and ankle muscles!)

If I can't make it there sooner, I'm aiming for the official DLR hike next Spring! Unfortunately, Nevada is a little further away for me than for most enthusiasts, and is therefore a major investment in time and money to get there. And of course, the family will want to come too, so I'll have to find something for them to do to amuse themselves for a few days while I trek through the Nevada desert! For some strange reason, they just don't understand this affliction I have... (Vegas or Disneyland is looking pretty good for them...!)

Magoo ;)

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