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Did you see which type of missile launcher this was?
Was it american or was it soviet era?

Depending on the air package on that day, it can be quiet for quite some time before you hear the sound of a jet, then as you say, they all appear and fight, then go.
Little time is actually spent dogfighting, byt the time the aircraft do get to fight, their fuel is usually nearing bingo and so they need to run for a top-up or RTB.
The Blue force aircraft will only dogfight if they need to. Their escorts will be ahead of the strikers and they will only contact if needed. If the aggressors are not a threat to the package then they wont waste their fuel.
Only if the Reds turn in to ingress to the package will the Blue escorts start to get uptight and also turn in, they then usually meet over Warm springs and Rachel....for a few minutes. However ive seen full blown massive dogfights last for up to 40 mins with different aircraft ingressing and egressing from the fight.
Red Flag is more on the fighting will see more air-action during those exercises. Most of Green Flag movers are down on the deck and OVER the ranges, primarily Range 74, TTR and Tolicha Peak and so mingling around the western side of the ranges on Hwy 95 may afford some views of aircraft attacking Tolicha Peak and the 'korean' airfield targets.
Take a hike up Reveille Peak and you will see the strikers all over Range 74, TTR and Rachel
From there, TTR is just to the west, Groom to the south, Rachel to the SE and you can view the exercises great from here.


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