ramblings from my latest trip to Holy Land

Message posted by Gary Sellani on August 19, 2000 at 01:40:17 EST:

I manged to sneak a few days in the Groom Area in August during Green flag. [I saw a truck parked at Coyote Summit watching the planes and of course it turned out to be Joerg.).

I did the Silverbow (actually Brainwash Butte) observation of the TTR. I got to see quite a few fighters make the trip from the TTR to the Ceder Pass area. Observing from the Brainwash site, the planes go on both sides of you. I also hung out at the cattle ranch on Cedar Pass road to see the rest of the action, including mock dog fights. It's kind of intereting in that there is nothing happening at first, then all of a sudden the planes appear, chase each other, then leave the area.

Other tidbits? Someone at Rachel has a helicopter. Perhaps they will be offering flights to Tikaboo, which would bear hiking it. The TTR is getting lots of gear delivered. I saw a missile launcher truck delivered and was told there are 35 similar sized deliveries to be madethat day. The main TTR road was used.


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