Re: green flag mid air collision

Message posted by Richard C on August 11, 2000 at 03:11:46 EST:

Andre is dead right.
The Commander should have a clamp down on this.
More Aircraft have been lost in Red/Green Flag than in combat 'since' the Vietnam war.
They train for combat in the exercise and lose vast amounts of hardware and go to war and hardly lose any.
I know that is a good thing but it seems a safety issue is on at the Exercises.

I believe Rachel is the crash capital of the world for peace time military aircrashes because it seems of the lack of safety matters.
There are ten times more aircraft in that area during an exercise than there is in REAL Combat.
Since the Vietnam war, how many cases have there been where over 40 aircraft are doing ACM/Strike in the same area? None.
The gulf war was spread out and most of the iraqi aircraft fled to Iran.
I also cant believe the amount of F-16 Falcons the USAF are losing. It is a Vast amount.
Luke and Hill wont have any F16s left at this rate and for that matter Nellis AF Ranges will become a graveyard......well thats an understatement, it already is a graveyard, especially around Rachel.

I think the only big Deal safety issue to come out of the Flag exercises is when they are taking off and landing. They are not allowed to fly over Las Vegas in mass movement(landing/take off) and have to take off and land coming in from the east. Although i have seen a few jets going over the city.
One day there will be a big collision over the city.

However its not just Red and Green Flag that they keep falling out of the sky, Maple flag has had its fair share aswell (run by Nellis AFB Personnel) at Cold Lake AB, Alberta.


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