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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on August 02, 2000 at 08:57:56 EST:

Thanks guys, it is nice to have hard work appreciated. As hard as it was to climb Tikaboo with cameras and related gear (and it was a bitch), Jim's editing was what makes the program, he should get the credit for making the footage I shot into a excellent account of the Expedition.

We are actively engaged in discussions on improving expectations, gear, and scope of the project for next year. Sponsors will be considered, so contact me or Joerg for further info. We expect to spend more time on the peak next time, and capture more of what Groom Lake offers at night and during the day on tape.

Personal thanks to Chris for helping me lug some of my overload down the hill, and Chris, David, and Guy for helping me lug the stuff up the hill. Thanks to Michael for toughing it out with a hurt ankle on the descent; he gets my outstanding attitude award. Thanks to Joe and Pat for the warm welcome and hospitality that they showed us (and everybody that comes through) at the Little A'Le'Inn. Norio and Chuck gets a big thank you for the mostly unrecorded history and stories of the area, related over meals and casual coversations. Fine folks. Thanks to all that came, saw, climbed anyway, and succeeded. To those that couldn't make it, join us next year, but in the meantime order the program so you can experience the fun and views that we did.

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