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Message posted by Al on July 08, 2000 at 07:44:15 EST:

This photo panel stuff fascinates me as I mentioned some time ago I have seen
footage of Milatary Tests on a Suit which worked on this principle.

However I was thinking Even if they developed Silent engines & an economical way of developing
and using these cells on an aircraft, The problem of shadow arises.

We've all seen pretty hefty shadows on Satalitte pics
and a shadow with no apparent cause would stick out a mile...

A bit like the lack of sea in the Sea Shadow testing.

I think personally that Speed is of the essence for the next generation of stealth,
which I know has its disadvantages (tell tale Sonic booms and wakes ect)
but build it fast enough with a high Ceiling & like the SR71 it would be V.hard to catch / shootdown.

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