Re: Is it possible to view Area 51 from the NORTH?

Message posted by Richard Cliff on January 22, 2000 at 17:10:21 EST:

Hi folks

regarding the viewpoint of which you say Glenn could still see Area 51 from the north.
If you aquire the Military air chart of the area and look at the following:

find Bald Mountain located just inside the northern boundary line of R-4808N
just a few miles North West outside of the boundary in BLM land youll find a few peaks of which you are able to view Area 51.
Bald Mnt may seem to get in the way, but a few peaks in that area of that range you should get some sight of the base and its only approximately 15-18 miles away depending where you go.

This apart from Reveille peak is the only northern viewpoint you could get decent enough.
Joerg, perhaps you should try getting sure youll find your way, if you havent already.


P.S Joerg...we need to chat again soon...regarding you know what.

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