People's Rally & cammo dude photo

Message posted by Gary Sellani on June 25, 2000 at 17:07:16 EST:

I'm getting around to doing my Area 51 People's Rally 2000 web page before the 1 month anniversary arrives. Anyway, I'm starting to scan the photos and think this one is pretty interesting. It shows the cammo dude jeep close enough to read the license plate, plus you can see the face of one of the dudes. However, I don't think guy whose face is visible is a cammo dude as he is not wearing cammo. Rather, it looks like he is wearing a turtle neck, which is what I always wear in the hot desert sun....

You can make out the number of the plate pretty well. I gather the top says "U. S. Government" and the bottom says "Official Use Only". We should check the general accounting office inventory list and see who owns plate 99B01202.

There is a round object on the roof just above the rear view mirror. GPS? Transponder?


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