Re: Controversy over the real name for Area 51

Message posted by Art Adams on June 18, 2000 at 11:16:54 EST:

It is my opnion that the Airforce hides behind the Nellis name. If you approach Area 51 from Groom Lake Road you will see the famous signs WARNING... the top of them says "Nellis gunnery and bombing range. That's the reason that the Airforce states there is no secret base. They consider this to be part of Nellis perhaps. An annex of sorts. I worked at an annex of Lackland AFB in San Antonio. It's where our SCIF was located, but it was not part of Lackland, if you travel to San Antonio, and go down Medina base road you will end up at a T intersection where you can go left, right or enter the facility of Medina Base. It's not truly it's own base, it's an annex of Lackland. Most people only know this base to have the officer training schools. I know different I worked there.


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