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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on January 16, 2000 at 18:09:58 EST:

The "they" has always been a mystery, the USAF/NSA/NRO organization being very willing to let others take the limelight, even if it meant letting "aliens" mythology take center stage. Whenever they can get you to watch the right hand, the left is working at top speed. That's what this website is doing, watching both hands so as not to miss a thing.

I understand that flightline photography is not allowed, as is domestic overhead imagery of civilian population centers (privacy you know), and we know that the Hubble telescope was the only one of it's kind, with nothing similar pointing towards Earth, watching us with Big Brotherly interest. Yes, the rules are there, and I fully agree with their interest, to make sure only the elected select few having the answers. We are not capable of independent analysis, and must look to our Military and elected Officials for interpretation and guidance. Saying that, I cannot in good faith ask for any help in getting images that could show what the Government thinks we are too stupid or irresposible to evaluate.

Boy, I hope you have as good a sense of humor as I think you do, and can show us what you can. Thanks a lot.

Andre' M. Dall'au

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