Re: Sightings at Rachel

Message posted by Gary on June 13, 2000 at 02:14:16 EST:

I was fiddling with a used telescope I bought for "recon" photos in Area51. [I still don't think I have the bugs worked out yet.] I was parked on the dirt road leading to Bald Mountain. [Specifically, I was at N37 30 30.1 W115 37 28.0] A plane with 4 jet engines flew directly over me. I took at photo but haven't developed the film yet. I think it was a b52. I would say the direction was not over Tickaboo, but rather towards Mount Irish.

This road to Tempiute seems to be the direction most of the planes I have seen head out to. When I get a SUV I'll give the road a shot. Can you drive this road in a car?

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