"VISION" (Super Human Abilities)

Message posted by Time02112 on June 05, 2000 at 03:41:57 EST:

Yes indeed "Vision" is yet another area in which the brain has very unique & powerful capabilities, inasmuch as the ability to perform other interesting tasks such as broad range long & short distance "Telekinesis" and "Telekinetic" abilities as well. Researchers are just beginning to make sense of how these areas within the brain, are capable of generating the energy responsible for creating & expelling these forces of natural phenomena.

(http://psitech.org)Example of Remote Viewing.

What we already are aware of, is that the brain in its many stages of complex, multifunctional properties is, that it can also operate on a similar format as that of an ordinary radio, but "ordinary" is just too inappropriate in comparison because it is at the frequency level that sets it far apart than what a radio is capable of generating by our technology, and we have yet any means to replicate this artificially.

The human brain has been discovered to be capable of emitting what scientists refer to as "Scalar Waves" and these scalar-waves can operate on many different frequencies that create some very astounding results.

Just one of the many frequencies that scalar~waves are capable of operating on is what has been dubbed as "Alpha~Waves" and it is these alpha~waves that have a direct correlation to the manipulation of unified fields. Alpha waves are associated to be linked to the ability to bend Space & Time, transport the so called "Third Eye" to remote view using a process of mental Bilocation, and manipulation of energy fields to move objects.

Now if you had the technology to construct devices that you could implant within your body that would be capable of stimulating those areas within your brain to make it possible for you to "Tap-in" to those natural super abilities, and harness those forces, and have the ability to control them, well let's just say that it would be very easy to be taken for a "God" especially if you were to "Time-Travel" and use those powers to protect yourself from being mortally wounded, or captured during your visit.

And there is of course those whom will acquire these abilities, and abuse their power over others, hell, many of our leaders have already demonstrated this using the limited power they already have, so it is not unfathomable to foresee that this will be carried out on a much larger scale as our technology advances our evolutionary process.

Now I want you to start looking up everything you can to do with "Nano-Technology" as this also will play a very important role in our technological breakthrough to create these small "implants" I mentioned to you earlier in this letter.

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