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The base you would have gone to would most likely have been Beale AFB near Sacramento. This was the home of the 9th SRW from 1968 till present, and the SR-71s were there until 1990. The U-2S aircraft remain based at Beale today, along with KC-135 and T-38 support aircraft.

During their brief reprieve in 1995-97, the three SR-71s remained at Edwards AFB because the infrastructure was already in place there to support NASA SR-71 operations, and it was more economical to keep the aircraft together at one location. The aircraft would be flown the short distance to Lockheed at Palmdale for heavy maintenance.

No, no military experience here either, just a love for military aviation, and the SR-71 family in particular. I have written a book which is now almost complete on the 'SR', and a lengthy excerpt from this can be found at the bottom of the 'More Info&Photos' section of this site. Other favourites include the F-111 and YF-23.

The B-2 is certainly an amazing aircraft also, but one I feel who's mission has largely been confined to history now. Just like the SR-71, I think it will be many years (or decades even) before we truly know the full capabilities of this awesome aircraft! Pity it came about 10 years too late! I have met one of the chief designers of the B-2 and YF-23, and he will not say much at all about what these things could/can really do!


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