Reality Check

Message posted by DRoberts on May 22, 2000 at 03:08:22 EST:

There's no need to reaffirm positive statements made about you, take it as read you're doing a good job because people revisit your site.

I think calling this a 'serious research' forum is stretching a bit since there seems to be a complete lack of photos of the so called 'UFOs or PIFOs',
which could have been taken with high speed film at night, posted here (if I missed them, I am ready to be corrected in this issue). All I see are photos of 'The Gang' having made it to the top of Tikaboo at not one of the nightly goings on at Area 51. Without any empirical evidence I would suggest there is more 'feel good' than 'serious research' going on here. Seems too many want to pat themselves on the back for having managed to get to the top of Tikaboo rather than actually carrying out any 'research'.

However, credit where credit is due. Recall reading about someone discovering radioactive content in the water or soil which at least implies someone is doing some sort of quantitative analysis thereby lending credence to the whole effort.

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