Re: Doughnuts on a rope plane sighting-with request

Message posted by Jeff on May 21, 2000 at 22:30:46 EST:

Thanks again. I love this forum and hope you get things worked out. I really can rule out reflections from the sun as it was visible as long as the plane was and seemed to be a rythmic occurance. The afterburner explanation possible I would have to say. I think my heart wants to say it was black. I have always been interested in the black projects. I was lucky enough to visit the airbase in california, I can not recollect the name, when the SR71 was still operational. What an experiance for a kid. We were escorted by armed guard to view the birds. Since then I have been interested in all things black. I hope to make it out someday to Rachel. Is the Peoples rally worth it? What all do they do? I also got the chance to view the B2 when it came to Dallas. It was making a stop at the Lockheed plant that is located at the Dallas Naval Reserve, currently be closed. Lockheed still has a big complex. Not sure what they do. You and magoos insights on the boats were great. It sounds to me you guys have first hand knowledge of some of this stuff. Are you all ex military or something? Anyway great forum. Hope to see you in Rachel someday.

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