Censor the threads

Message posted by Richard C on May 20, 2000 at 15:49:09 EST:


Censor the threads and delete the ones with the crap and lets get back to discussing proper issues and enjoying the board.
If the people wishing to express there views want to do so then do so to Joerg privately or go back to alt.conspiracies.area51 forum....thats where it belongs not here.

I think serious researchers would not be asking these questions and just be glad we have a very decent website to give the information AT HAND about the Nevada locations.

Who cares if the website isnt updated alot, its hard to do so if you dont live there.
Joerg visits the area often and when he can, he does have a life and job/family to take care of first.

When he gets the material to upload, he will.

The actual website is the best i have seen for the area on issue.
Seeing as Glen is not in the ring anymore we should also be glad we have joerg to go out there regularly to find out whats going on and tell us the news.

My pints up to joerg for good on a job well done.
Hes certainly getting a beer on me when i see him.
I really dont understand why people have to put down people on a public forum, especially the founder of the website.
If you dont like the material or Joerg then why the heck are you here? Just leave the forum and stop posting, we dont need the crap here, its not enjoyment or Fun for anyone, especially for researchers or friends.

Richard C


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