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I cannot say for sure. I really do not think so....the 413FLTS pilots wear a red patch, that has a black cat with its back arched, holding a bomb in its paws...I can say that I know that there are three hangars that are reportedly used there....Bldg 4506, which is the main hangar - motion sensors in every room. The unit itself is staffed by hand-selected folks - the one person I know somewhat, was recruited to work there - way out of his normal specialty, which was a blue-collar kind of job (don't wanna say what, that would give him away). Maybe I might send someone a few pics that I have from the air of the area....

I can say, that Edwards AFB is in the process of possibly being the only operating location for the GlobalHawk UAV - they are proposing putting a couple "squadrons" at Edwards South a particlar area known for stealthiness....the B-2 CTF area.

I will say this time at this location proved to me that if something wants to be "hidden" it will be. I remember many times in the middle of the night being awaken by sounds of planes that I had never heard before, and for that matter, did never see climb into the sky. You hear them, but do not see them. Their sounds are about the same as a few SEs in full burner.


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