Re: JANET revisited

Message posted by Pink Dolphin on May 12, 2000 at 10:56:13 EST:

Hello, everyone. This is the first time I post message here.

Guy wrote:
>However, they have since been moved to the
>large empty lot across the road to the right
>(just south of the Janet parking lot). This
>effectively blocks the view of the Janet
>aircraft. A coincidence?

I think it is a coincidence. Why do they need to block the view when hotel guests at Mandaley Bay Casino & Resort can have an open view of the Janet terminal, parking lot and aircraft from their rooms? The casino also has House of Blues Foundation, a private club, on its top floor with the open terrace facing the east. People there can have the unobstructive view of the terminal activitis as they sip a glass of Margarita......

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