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Hunt For Red October was an excellent film, but the book was ten times better. NOONE can beat Tom Clancy for thorough research and technical facts! The film also shows the 'big picture' view of a sub chase, rather than just what's happening under water, and this is why I liked it so much.

Rich, have you heard of the rumoured sale of a Kirov class to the Chinese? They have already taken delivery of two SS-2-22 equipped 7500 ton 'Sovremenny' class destroyer/cruisers in the past couple of months, and are known to be looking at the 'Kirov' class as well! Should be interesting!

The 'Kusnetsov' is an interesting ship as well - very heavily armed and self sufficient with ship-to-shore, anti-ship and anti-sub weaponry, although the Su-33s are very limited in what they can lift off the deck, and the Su-25s are next to useless. China tried to get its hands on the unfinished 'Varyag' (Kusnetsov's sister) through a front scrap metal company in Macau, but it fell through when it was discovered the company really didn't exist! This is the main scenario for my upcoming novel!

Great thread this - love it! Not A51 related specifically, but it spread from stealth related chat and will probably come full circle eventually.


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