The Duckmans A-51 Trip !

Message posted by Dogger on September 23, 2003 at 13:07:36 PST:

Hi all.

Iíve been lurking around this site for a number of years now, hardly ever post but I thought Iíd add to Duckmanís A-51 trip question/answers farther down the list.

I finally got to A-51 and Rachel this past May for a day, it was a fun trip.

Duckman, I know it was mentioned in another reply, but do make sure you check the weather forecast for the area, when I went to the area we were staying in Vegas and decided to drive up to Rachel for the day and have a few beers at the Inn and check out GRL. It was in the 90ís and sunny in Vegas, but Rachel was getting hammered by a thundershower when we got there it was really pouring down.

This time of year your probably going to be fineÖ.but plan of the unexpected.

Have a good time.

PS: Iím going to be back in Vegas Oct 6,7,Ö.if you see a white Dodge Ram with paint flaking off the side driving around, it might be me ;-)


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