Re: B-1 Bombers

Message posted by buzz on September 21, 2003 at 20:17:36 PST:

Since you brought up B-1's, I have to tell my story. It was right before we started the war in Iraq. A buddy and myself were in Abilene, Texas and decided to check out Dyess AFB, home of a group of B-1's.

We were pleasantly surprised as we were able to go down a dirt road and get within 150-200 yards of the end of the runway. Four B-1's took off within several minutes of each other and went nearly directly over our heads. It was incredible.

We also saw 19 C-130's that were being loaded and a tractor-trailer flatbed full of JDAM's. We were only visited by security once and they didn't give us any crap.

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