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Now this question about Arizona makes sense. The facility Hank checked out was an emitter for Spasur. They have a NTIA red book guarded freq around 217 MHz. There are receive only stations as well. The Gila site is one of the low power emitters (about 40KW). This system is to look for objects in space.

HAARP uses HF (high frequency) radio waves, bascially in the short wave band. It can heat the atmosphere, in theory to study it. Some claim it can deflect satellites by heating the air underneath it. When they fire it up, HAARP can be heard on a short wave radio. I recorded it myself a few years ago. I never heard anything on the spasur freq, so I guess the reflected signals are very weak.

I'm sure haarp has tons of google hits. Spasur is not as well known. I put in a link for the NTIA redbook.

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