Re: telescope for Tikaboo

Message posted by lone wolf on September 06, 2003 at 22:15:03 PST:

The smaller reflectors don't illuminate the film plane very well, i.e. uniformly, nor are they sharp at the edges. The smaller reflectors are intended for viewing with an eyepiece rather than photography. I think Joerg's reflector (a 5 inch aperture) is the minimum reflector you should use, and even then you must have a 2x barlow to cover 35mm film plane. It may also be the maximum aperture you need as well for Tikaboo. It is generally accepted that in poor seeing conditions, smaller aperture is better. Twenty six miles of air is "poor seeing" compared to the 2.5 miles of breathable air that you deal with in astronomy.

To research this, I would look at how "birders" do their photography. They do similar daytime high magnification photography. You won't find many birders using reflectors.

FWIW, I use a 500mm pentax lens stopped down to F8, plus a televue 4x powermate.

Chuck should chime in here. If I recall correctly, his really good photos on this site were done on a Televue (SDF?) and stacked 2x teleconverters.

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