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Message posted by patf on September 04, 2003 at 17:43:56 PST:

The digital terminals in fire trucks are very small (screen is about 5"x5" with small attached keyboard. They are mounted under dash on this swivel arm contraption. You can't see them from outside and they take up no front seat space.

My trunking scanner could pick up the digital output. Couldn't translate it but you could at least tell if somebody was sending or receiving. I'm wondering if I could pick up something with my WIFI set up. Depends on the encryption they are using.

Most agencies that run plates have a type of subscription service for charges. They use a user id code and a password that changes daily. It's similar to the way credit checks work. I imagine there is an anal retentive accountant sitting somewhere comparing log books to invoices. I used to do security and financial backround checks as well as financial stuff with the Fed and that's how it worked at that time.

Altering plates doesn't sound like are really great idea. I doubt the cammo guys sense of humor would give somebody quite that much latitude. It would definetly give them a reason to have you picked up.

I actually know a couple cammo dudes. Well, I have a friend that works in IT and she knows them and I hear about stuff through her and I've been introduced to a couple at parties. The ones I met were really nice guys and airplane freaks to boot. They just are very professional and take their jobs seriously. I'm thinking of a new approach. Maybe we take them snacks ?

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