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Running plates in California is a big deal. I don't know the rules regarding running the plates of California residents, as in the case of blackf150, by outside agencies. There are very strict rules regarding registration information of Californians dating back to the shooting of Rebecca Schafer, a TV actress who was stalked by a fan that got her address via the DMV. I can say with 100% certainty that all requests for registration information from the California DMV are logged since the state charges for the information. My guess is the Lincoln county sherrif will show up in the log for plates run by the cammo dudes. There is a form for California residents to file regarding illegal registration, driving record, etc. requests, but the catch is you need to identify the illegal party in your request, kind of a catch 22.

Nevada has the worse registration privacy of which I know, especially regarding information given out over the police frequencies. The "field identification" is done by social security number, called "solsch" by the police. [Given name, address and soc. security number, it wouldn't take much work for a thief to get a credit card in that name.]

Regarding hanging out, everyone is welcome but "facilities" are sparse. The Inn is kind enough to have a few porta-potties in the parking lot, but that is it.

You will need a decent set of binoculars, just to even the score with the cammo dudes. The link I provided is a good source of cheap binocs, generally Russian or Chinese. For use around the ranges, the 10x50's are barely enough. I would go for more magnification, like 18x or 20x, and use a monopod if the shaking is too much. [High magnification binoculars should have a tripod adapter.] I use Chinese "primium" optics, but Pentax makes some reasonably priced binocs.

If you hang out to watch red flag, you will need a scanner, unless you luck out and there are others at the lot at Coyote hill. The scanner will need military air capability. My current favorite is the old Yupitero MVT7100, which sells used on ebay in the low $100 range. A google search on "military air band capable scanners" should get you some other choices. I like the Yupi because it sounds very nice on AM. Sony wavehawks show up on ebay for a bit less, but are not as good as the Yupi.

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