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Message posted by lone wolf on August 31, 2003 at 22:13:14 PST:

I have a Rostov Cyclop 11b2, which is Russian gen 2. The lens uses a pentax screw mount, though you need pretty large glass to get the intensifier to fire up. I've done some video with night vision, and planned on recording some of the weapons school action, but forgot a connector (bnc to RCA).

Video capture is the way to go for night vision. The resolution of NV does not justify film. A small CCD camera is easier to hang on the back of a NV scope than a 35mm camera. Using video capture, you can average frames and get rid of the NV noise.

One interesting thing you can see with night vision is the trail of a meteorite. We saw quite a few meteors while hanging out at the gravel.

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