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Message posted by lone wolf on August 31, 2003 at 12:51:52 PST:

Where we park is about 60ft above the ET highway. The hill where I sometimes took photos is about 300ft above the ET highway.

While looking at the topo map, I suspect the gap that the plane fly through is located at
N37 34.292 W115 45.184 , which should be free territory as far as the government is concerned, though the kitty kat may think otherwise. Then again, I found evidence of a kitty on the hill where I was perched.


summit (really the parking area):

Regarding BAWA, do a google on "sally baron"

Regarding liquid refreshment, perhaps the Del Pueblo is a better buy. [The Chevron station in Alamo is dry.] I either bring my own or hit vegas on the way up. Vegas has a few Wally World supercenters plus Trader Joes (the home of "two buck Chuck"). If you are getting jerky for a Tikaboo hike, Wally World is hard to beat.

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