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Message posted by Andy on August 19, 2003 at 14:02:51 PST:

Not quite the smoking gun but Global security have this extract about the nozzles

'F119/F-22 Engine Nozzle

The F119 engine nozzle for the F-22 is the world's first full production vectoring nozzle, fully integrated into the aircraft/engine combination as original equipment.

The two-dimensional nozzle vectors thrust 20 degrees up and down for improved aircraft agility. This vectoring increases the roll rate of the aircraft by 50 percent and has features that contribute to the aircraft stealth requirements.

Heat-resistant components give the nozzles the durability needed to vector thrust, even in afterburner conditions.

With precision digital controls, the nozzles work like another aircraft flight control surface. Thrust vectoring is an integrated part of the F-22's flight control system, which allows for seamless integration of all components working in response to pilot commands.'

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