Cammo d00ds

Message posted by Cameron Ratliff on August 05, 2003 at 21:06:56 PST:

Hey everyone, Monday I had some fun with the cammo dudes, so I figured I would share it with you.

To start the story off, we had went out to watch red flag for a few hours, and when the jets stopped coming, we got bored, and decided to go into the boonies to have some fun. (We had been out to these locations before, and wanted to go back again). So after finally finding what we were looking for, our first stop was right outside the boundary...kind of close to the radar things on the mountain.

So after looking around and recording stuff for a bit we decided to go to stop #2, which would be an area where a camera is, and one of those metal spheres. Right when we come around the corner, the cammo dudes are waiting for us at their end of the boarder. I suspect we tripped a road sensor. So I hopped out of the RAV4, and went right up to the boarder line, sat down, and started recording the cammo dudes. After maybe 5 minutes of me recording them, they got pretty ticked off, and reversed around a hill, so as where i couldnít see them any longer. OR SO THEY THOUGHT! I walked to the left a bit, and it made the truck clearly visible again. One of the cammo dudes was out of their truck, so being a polite guy, I yelled hello, and he yelled something back. (I donít know what he yelled, but judging by the tone of his voice I donít thing it was nice). So he gets back in the truck, starts it up, puts it in reverse, and goes on for quite a while, until coming to an area where i can no longer see him.

No longer than 1 minute after they disappeared, the pave hawk came out to pay us a little visit. They came down and went past us slowly, and at about 20 feet above us. Something funny about this, is the passenger in the cockpit was waving at us as they went past. I have this all on videotape :)

So after that we decided to pack up and leave. Driving out, we noticed that the cammo dudes were following us, so I got out of the car, and begin to record them again. They pulled foreword a bit, to go down into a wash, thus I could no longer see them. For a few more minutes they continued to follow us (keeping their distance) until finally turning around, and going back to their side of the territory.

It was quite the fun experience, so I felt obligated to share with you all.


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