Re: new runway / high speed taxiway ?

Message posted by lone wolf on July 23, 2003 at 18:32:22 PST:

That is a good point. [One exception to the prevailing wind notion is Reno, and the landings can be interesting.]

The other problem with using this new path as a runway is if problems occur. If the brakes fail and the plane was landing towards the buildings, there would be a collision. If the engines fail during take-off, the plane would be heading for Tikaboo (an immovable object). On the Battle of the X planes show last night, the Boeing JSF has its brakes fail. The pilot tried to land, noted the brakes were non-existant, powered up to take off again, then headed back to the dry lakebed to do an emergency landing.

Now I'm leaning more towards a taxiway, but some Tikaboo observer will eventually settle the point.

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