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Message posted by RedOctober on July 23, 2003 at 17:05:12 PST:

Magoo, I have a theory for the reason why Bob Lazar was not imprisoned for the supposed "security breeches"

If Bob Lazar was arrested, and if it became public knowledge. Wouldn't that sort of prove that Bob indeed worked on something that required a secrecy form to be signed. So the government just shut-up about it, so that the people still have no evidence of the activites at the supposely secret area that housed the discs. Of course, this is IF the Bob Lazar story is true.

And if it's not true, what do you think was the main purpose behind telling such a story? Did Lazar had an urge to get publicity? and if so, for what purpose? I do not see how his story had benefited him except for interviews by Art Bell and others.

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