UFO's Over Rachel

Message posted by Gary Emry on July 14, 2003 at 6:23:28 PST:

Tuesday, July 8, I was riding in the passenger seat of Idaho MUFON Director Ike Bishop's car, 30 miles north of Hiko, Nevada, about 8:20 PM. I glanced out the window on my right when I saw a flash in the sky. The sun was still above the horizon. Ike stopped the car, we got out and observed a silvery disc-shaped object in the sky to the west about 50 degrees above the horizon. It appeared to wobble as it hovered, producing the occasional flash of reflection from the sun. It started to drift to the southwest toward the restricted airspace of Area 51. As it drifted, it's relation to the sun changed and it gradually could no longer be seen. We watched the object through binoculars as it disappeared. Within a few seconds an identical silvery object appeared in the same area of the sky and followed the same course as the first until it too disappeared. We estimated these objects to be 40' in diameter, traveling, when they moved, about 50-70 miles per hour and their altitude as 8,000'. When we got out of the car there was a large jet followed by a contrail in the same area of the sky which gave some perspective. Large commercial jets typically fly around 35,000 feet at 500 MPH. We could hear the jet until about 30 seconds after we could no longer see it, just the contrail. Neither disc made a sound. The jet was on a straight east to west course. This sighting lasted about 4 minutes.
Wednesday, July 9, Ike and I were at Mailbox Road next to Highway 375, about 10 PM. The sun was completely behind the horizon. Ike and I were facing west, leaning against Ike's car, talking to 2 friends who were leaning against their BlackF150. facing east. When we had been there about 5 minutes, the friends started to yell and point to the east. I turned around and saw a bright, luminous, distinctly round light drifting from north to south about 10 degrees above the horizon of Tikaboo Peak. As it drifted, the light suddenly plunged straight down behind Tikaboo inside the boundary of Area 51. I viewed this object for just a second before it dove down but the others observed it for a total of 5 seconds. We estimated the object to be 50' in diameter. The object was as bright as the moon which was in the sky at that time and it had a distinctly circular shape not just a luminous glowing light. Tikaboo Peak is about 11 miles east and slightly to the north of the intersection of Mailbox Road and Highway 375.


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