Re: New stealthy bomber released by Lockheed Martin

Message posted by Sundog on July 08, 2003 at 20:01:37 PST:

I have feeling what you guys saw was the aircraft which has consistently been refered to as the "FAst Mover" in ATC communications at Groom Lake. I am trying to remember who the German guy was who said he saw it on a trip to Groom Lake and take off. He said it was a Black Delta with the twin tails closer to the fuselage and the engine nozzles above the trailing edge.

Now, I believe he said it made alot of noise on take-off, but that would be because it was probably in afterburner. Now, just like the F-22, I am sure any new aircraft designed for supersonic cruise not higher than than M2.5 maybe M3.0, would be designed to cruise on dry thrust. Now, considering that, it means this aircraft, like the F-22, most likely possesses large amounts of dry thrust. It probably would only use AB for take off and pushing through the sonic drag rise or when it needs bursts of acceleration. However, with that much dry thrust, I haven't any doubt that on the deck such an aircraft traveling at 600 or 700 mph, wouldn;t need a very high throttle setting with all of it's thrust and with the engines postioned where they are (Above the wing) it would be incredibly quiet. My guess is that the long range future strike aircraft is just a longer ranged faster version of the aircraft currently referred to as the fast mover.

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