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Message posted by gary on January 26, 2001 at 23:35:37 EST:

While stuck in an Alamo motel room for two days waiting for the weather to clear so I could at least get one day of A51 snooping, I got to watch the Rumsfeld hearings. While most of Bush's cabinet is lame at best, Rumsfeld seems to be relatively sharp, though I still think the Missile Defense Shield is a waste of money. Anyway, the notion of Bush skipping the current generation projects for the next generation is not going to happen. For one thing, if does something that stupid (which Rumsfeld is dead set against), Bush will not deliver a single military project in his first and hopefully only term. That is a political disaster for someone who claims they are going to build up the US Military.

Without a doubt, the V22 is history. Cheney is on record that he hates the thing. Something has to be slashed to give the appearance that someone is watching the money. [Reality check: The last GAO report indicated the DOD was missing $2billion of inventory, i.e. they just don't know where the stuff is located.] I didn't bother to post it, but the V22 program is under investigation for record falsification. They indicated more V22 were ready to fly than was true. Nothing like getting prepped to launch some sort of attack, checking the inventory, then finding out later they were only kidding that they had X number of V22 ready to fly.

The bad thing about the missile defense system is it will draw money from useful programs and salary increases for men in uniform.

Incidentally, my complaint about the missile defense shield is that it is too easy just to truck a nuke into the country. Spend more money guarding the border.

That remark from Rumsfeld about the ABM treaty being ancient history is pretty sad. It is old, so we don't honor it?

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