My father went into area 51 the other day, pretty cool!

Message posted by kenwood on July 02, 2003 at 11:47:40 PST:

I got a call from my father Mel yesterday (he is a long haul truck driver) and he told me about a very interesting load he had to deliever. Now this story has no interesting alien sightings or ufo pictures etc, and I am not sure if it happens often, or if other truckers have experienced this type of job, but I thought it was very interesting seeing as I have a somewhat interest in the famous Area51.

Back to the story, I got a call from my father as he usually calls evey so often to see how I am doing and to announce his visit once in a blue moon. He told me about his very unusual experience. He often takes loads from Canada to the states and has been driving truck for 5 or 6 years now. He was in Calgary Alberta I believe and got a satilite messege from the dispatcher from his company telling him to find a payphone and call a certain number. Already things are unusual as they often just give you the instructions and address over the satilite computer in the truck and your on your way. So he takes his rigg and finds a nearby payphone and calls the number. To his suprise its one of his bosses on the other end telling him to pick up a load which is of the most importance and needs to be run asap to a town in Nevada. So he goes and grabs the load and finds something really unusual, theres a seal on the trailer, the funny thing was its a really heavy lock he has never seen before. Often companies shipping 100 tvs, or 500 computers will often put a seal on the truck but will also give you keys to access it. Sometimes when its extreme they will put a heavy lock on it and have a guy receiving the truck have a key to open it on arrival. This truck had one of the heaviest seals/lockshe has ever seen and my father didnt have the keys for it and all the papers did not say what was in the trailor, only identifacation number but no descriptions. Already my father is seeing a problem at customs.

When he arrived at the border the customs officer asks "whats in the truck" then my father replies, "I havent a clue". If you deal with customs then you know they dont screw around like this. Anyways After a bit of arguing the customs officer lets my father know the obvious and tells him by law your allowed to access the trailer to find out whats in it no matter what anyone says. So my dad tells him "great lets take a look" so he gets out and him and the customs officer heads around to the back of the trailor and suddenly the customs officer gets a stern face and tells my dad "well you might as well just head on your way" dumbfounded my dad gets back in the truck and crosses the boarder. (I guess the customs guy knows that seal and knows not to touch it, these days its rare/ next to impossible to have a customs officer not search your trailor when hes in question about it). So every single DOT stop he plays on this and jokingly tells the officer to open her up. Needless to say the whole way to Nevada not one person opens the trailor.

He gets to the town or city in nevada (I cant recall which town he said it was) But he pulls into a truck stop and shuts down for some rest upon waiting further instructions (already this trip has become bizarre esp. when he doesnt know where hes taking it) soon after he stops he gets another satilite messege. This time its just dispatch telling to call a local number. He goes to the payphone and calls the number. A gentleman answers and my dad finds out its a military officer at a local airforce base. The officer tells my father to wait at that truck stop and he will get in touch with him tomarrow. This confuses my father and he says "well you cant, I have no phone, you have to give me your number and I will call you tomarrow in the morning" the officer said "dont worry we willl get in touch with you tomarrow, I cannot give you this number, just dont worry we will meet up with you tomarrow" my father kinda argued a bit because how would you expect someone to find you without knowing where you are. the officer assured him that he will be contacted tomarrow.

The next morning at about 7 am my father is woken up by the sounds of doors slamming. he gets up and looks out the window of his cab to see about 5 Military Humvees parked in front of his rigg. about 10 or 15 military officers in cammo gather around the truck and one guy has two dogs and is having the dogs sniff the whole truck. My father gets searched and is told to follow the jeeps out to the first drop off point. So he follows them, the whole time a military officer is in the passenger seat of his truck with a machine gun (they all were carrying rifles) and he is directed to go to Area 55 or 52 or something*I think that was the number* another military base or something (not 51), the officer explains that usually when something is delivered to Nellis, they unload the truck at a warehouse and deliver the cargo via military panel trucks, but this time they needed the truck to go straight to the base. So they get to area 55, seems heavily secured with about 2 gate checkpoints going into the base (each time they hit a checkpoint my dad and his truck were searched and the military officers were ID'ed). He gets into the base and is told to back up to dock with one of the ware houses. the officer lets him know that he is not allowed to set foot out of the truck and has to remain in there untill its done. It felt like about 12 skids were unloaded (which my father never even saw them) and there was Something then loaded in the truck. The offiicer then tells him to head out of the base and follow the jeep trucks again. They pass though all of the security checkpoints and head out ont he highway again. This time the officer says hes going to area 51. Now instead of 5 hummers escorting him, there was about 8 military hummers and a few what looked like state troopers with there flashing lights on. my father is told to head down a dirt road which leads into the base, and they get the first check point in which the police turn around and head back to the highway. my father has to get out of the truck with about 5 officers pointing there machine guns at him and dogs are sent in to search his cab. the dogs then search the trailor and the military guys take out my fathers laptop computer, his wallet and ID, and is told he will get it back when he leaves. they run security checks on him through one of there laptop computers it seems, and the dogs are sniffing all over him at that point the officer tells my father to let the dog sniff his hands. the dog smells one hand, and instead of the dog walking over to smell the other hand he sits there and looks at him and barks, then the officer informed my dad to put his other hand to his nose as the dog wants to smell the other one.

So they proceed on, and my father is suprised to see baricades in the road, They are all in a big zig zag pattern as it seems they are there to prevent people from barreling through the gates and down the road. My father starts manouvering the 53 foot trailor through the zig zag pattern and after a few turns of rubbing wheels against the baracades, he comes to one where there is no way he can get around it. Sow they stop and one of the officers radios the base and calls for a bulldozer to come out there. During the many hours of waiting my dad starts to talk to the officer. He finally asks the million dollar question, "So what do you guys do out here? whats this I hear about space ships and s**t" The officer looks at him and says "I cannot confirm or deny if there is spaceships at this facility" then kinda cracks a smile... he said something like that anyways, then my dad goes "what about bombs, got any nucs or planes?" again he says "I cannot confirm or deny that there is any bombs or planes at this facility" and kinda smiles again. A little later my father looks at the machine gun and says "Hey how about letting me sqeeze off a few rounds" and the officer just laughs.. he seemed like a nice guy but really couldnt talk too much. Finally a bulldozer arrives and moves a few barracades. My dad goes "how do you expect a truck to get through here???" the officer says "thats the point really we dont want people coming through here, the pattern of baracades is layed out so our own trucks can manouver thorugh with no problem" then he continued to explain how they are military trucks with no sleeper and the trailors are only 40 something feet long. They continue on and hit another check point/toll gate. again he is searched thoroughly and as he was outside of the truck, he asked a military police officer what the hells in this place. The officer at the checkpoint goes " I dont even know whats in that world, I have never been in there" being only 5-10 miles away my father thought that was bizarre, anyways they continue on, this time a bunch of the officers are told to head back and a new batch of officers are sent to escort him the rest of the way. I guess they hit yet another checkpoint and the routine is run once again (get out, get searched, move along) this time he is told to head straight into the base.

now he is driving right into the base, he sees the massive hangers and warehouse looking buildings all over the place. he drives pasts a massive facility which has a sign something like "Nuclear research labritory" or something along those lines.. theres other biuldings that are unmarked and very odd shaped... some look like they are airplane hangers, some are cement looking with no windows... its all bizarre looking. Everyone on the complex looks like they mean buisness. He gets to the docking port and they unload his truck very quickly (in a matter of 15 minutes) then he is escorted back throught the checkpoints and gets all his stuff back and is escorted back to the highway.

My father is not a Sci-Fi enthusiest, nor is he one to lie at all. He is very old fashioned and I cannot see for the life of me him making up this story at all. He thought this was so bizzare that he had to phone me once he finnished the next load to sanfransico. I thought it was very interesting as I find Area 51 interesting and have read up about it. Its kinda neat thinking that one of my family has now been directly in the acual Area 51 base. Anyways I thought you may find this interesting, this is not a made up story, it is 100% fact. My father was never told what was in that trailor but if I were to guess it seems like it was something important and soemthing that wouldnt fit into a 40ish foot military trailor. This event raises alot of questions like why not find another method of transporting it, or why use a private truck company to deliver it. I will never know these answers. Just thought you all might be interested.


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