Boom time ahead for US DoD

Message posted by Magoo on January 26, 2001 at 22:24:02 EST:

*click* (Read the article first.)

Good and bad news...

The bad news:
* JSF likely to be killed off.
* V-22 also likely to be killed off.
* F-22 buy to be reviewed.
* F/A-18 buy also to be reviewed.
* Comanche program to be reviewed.
* Older systems will be higher ongoing costs.
* Cheney has boasted about killing off the naval A-12 and reducing the B-2 buy to just 21. He also killed off the SR-71 and A-6E. What's next???

The good news:
* Perhaps some more activity at our favorite AFFTC locations.

Reading between the lines:
* Article states that F/A-18E and F-22 capability is not needed! Could mean one of two things - either they have something better, or they genuinely believe the capability is not needed.

We live in interesting and worrying times (especially if you are from Lockheed, Boeing etc).


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