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Message posted by Evil Demon on June 29, 2003 at 20:10:59 PST:

China is indeed a possible thread to us in the future.

Oh for crying out loud... The bloody paranoia spreads even further.
What ever happened to the fact that if they want to go to the moon or advance their space program, then it's their country, their money and their right to do it. Space is NOT OWNED by anyone, let alone the bloody US.
They are only a threat because you think they are. (or they are only a threat because they may retalliate against something you have already done to them.)

Once again this is not pointed at any american individual as (once again) i have a lot of good american friends. But for sit sake.. GROW UP.
Just because they want to explore (and it's their given right to do so) doesn't make them want to shoot their little laser beams at the bloody US.

If they want a base on the moon and are willing to put the money into it then good for them.. The US does not own the moon.. When are you going to open your eyes and look at the BIG picture... Actually if the US grew up a bit and started working with other countries, instead of attacking them because they think everyone is out to get them, they could learn a great deal from the technical advancements of other countries and therefore join all the technologies to benefit MAN as a species and get away from all this racist crap that is going on now.....

My two cents.

He who Knows, but knows not how he knows...

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