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The frequency is quite visible in the video on the web. It is in the land mobile band so the feds have some explaining to do since they are not authorized to transmit there unless under one watt. In fact, it is very close to a Nevada state division of wildlife frequency, so maybe they will complain.

I had my "zap checker" ( with me and got hits when I tripped the sensors, but I didn't have as much "luck" as you did finding the sensors. I see the FBI now uses this device. ;-) I've met the designer of the zap checker and told him how I used it around Groom Lake, but he decided not to publish my experiences on his website.

The link I provided is the one to do FCC searches. Incidentally, there is some idiot in the Nevada assembly who wants to ban the publication of law enforcement frequencies.
I guess this fool will have to arrest the FCC for publishing them.

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