Venting or Inspection Covers

Message posted by Evil Demon on June 17, 2003 at 0:07:33 PST:

Once again.. I've been digging in the archives and have some maybe new ideas (maybe not too but after a few beers what can be expected)

Naturally the place for the following would be in the middle of no-where however someoone may just get lucky.

Long has it been discused/disputed as to the amount of supplies etc entering Dreamland. Especially Fuel for their aircraft.
Apart from the obvious UFO's don't use AVGAS has anyone noticed any venting or inspection covers possibly uncovering a fuel pipeline underground? This could be beside a main road, but more probably out of the way. This pipe could run for hundreds of miles, however regular maintenance would draw attention
Any suspicious activity????

What about the possibility of there being a vehicular tunnel access way or subway like system for moving goods. Once again venting covers would have to be present and a GPR would assist in the location.

Actually a GPR would play havoc on their sensors for a period. A archealogical cert or similar would provide a good excuse for the use of the equipment...

He who Knows, but knows not why he knows


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