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Message posted by RedOctober on June 16, 2003 at 8:11:05 PST:

That is of course if the stories are correct, so far there isn't real plausible evidence to support space alien visitations. But the possibility does indeed exist. Why does it seem that most of these alien crashes and visitations take place in the US?

A lot of these alien stories are connected to something called a New World Order. It seems that perhaps, IF the stories are true, that the aliens aren't working with the US but the "New World Order" Or a world government. Perhaps on the planet these biological beings come from, they have gone past the phase of nationalism and have started some sort of world government where everyone works together to achieve a common goal.

But why would an advanced alien species want to work with us anyway? Maybe because I believe there technology is understandable to us. We may not have the technology that the aliens do, but I believe there are people out there that understand there technology and how it works.

That is if the stories are true of course.

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