Message posted by robb on June 03, 2003 at 14:35:58 PST:

I love it.

Let's see, you remembered to mention that you have credits in a book, and that you've found out something SO IMPORTANT about the Area that you're going to keep it to yourself.


There were a thousand, less self-important ways to get the message across to "watch what you say". If you HAVE found out something "secret" about the Area, you've got too much ego to really keep it to yourself. If you haven't, you're making a pretty pitiful attempt at seeming interesting.

The thing about secrets, is that you don't run around going "I've got one".

You're either a BS artist, or a security risk who, by his own analysis, is in danger of reprisal from posting here about some "secret" you have. Either way is distasteful.

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