Re: GII & MiG?

Message posted by Ian Metson on May 08, 2003 at 3:02:38 PST:

Just to be clear the Gulf II kept exactly the same position relative to the MiG-29 for the whole period of observation.

Looking at the video again I have some footage where the F-16 is in frame as well as it shoots off flares but a still image trapped off the video is too small to be of any use.

After they had landed and before we left Tikaboo two trucks left the closest 'target' site to the SW (as marked on the TPC-G18B chart) and headed east. Looked like could have been a SAM battery down there?

Earlier when the Su-27 was up with the F-16 the Su-27 kept low in the valleys (towards Yucca Flat) until it kindly went higher and closer for downwind left for 14 at Groom. Gulf II not involved.


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