brush with greatness

Message posted by John Klier on April 23, 2003 at 18:53:22 PST:

I want to apologize in advance because this seems a bit like bragging to me. However this was such an exciting experience I would like to share it. I'd say this is somewhat on topic considering the careers of those involved.

I am involved in several living history groups. Most would call us re-enactors but I think the former describes it better. A few weekends ago we were at an airshow taking place near Austin in a little town called Burnet. Our vehicle club was asked to attend and do a short parade at the beginning of the show where we would drive some VIP's in front of the audience. About the time the show as to start I had three gentleman hop into my jeep. I walked around to say hello and noticed the name tag on the man nearest said Jim Lovell -Apollo 8, Apollo 13 (the guys making the tags either ran out of room or forgot about the Gemini flights). The tag on the fellow next to him said Frank Borman - Apollo 8, and up front was Lefty Gardner pilot and owner of the famous White Lightnin' P-38. To say the least I could not have been more honored to be able to spend a short time with these great men. With a little more time I could have asked Lovell and Borman about the UFO's they saw on Apollo 8 :-)

In the photo Lefty Gardner is in the passenger seat, Jim Lovell is behind the drivers seat, and Frank Borman is barely visible behind the Browning .30cal.

Tahnks everyone for reading this and letting me share this with you.



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