Re: Some of us talk more than others.....

Message posted by aaron Johnson on April 09, 2003 at 2:12:10 PST:

last august when I was up there during first week of thar flag. In my first night of observation yes i didnt want to post this, but now seems appropiate. Someone mentioned in this thread that groom is just a test place, yeah maybe yes groom got a well known history of black project birds like SR-71 blackbird, U2, possible aurora.

What I saw that first night out there was definitly a highly manuverable shooting star. No didnt do a bounce it did turns like 3 of them definitly close to 90 degrees. yeah I cant say if it was ET but they definitly got something way beyond jet engines and lifting bodies and wing's, most definitly. Oh and about that whacko beam this would my 3rd or 4th visit to 51 and mailbox. The other times I was out there before last august I did have un easy feeling this last time i was getting spooked. dont know why always enjoyed watching the milkyway and stars and shooting stars.

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